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دوشنبه ها 


جلسه سی و سی

دوشنبه های دوست داشتنی

جلسات دوشنبه های ما که از اکتبر شروع شده بودند ، رسما تمام شدند. با شش نفر شروع کردیم و با صد و اندی نفر تمام ... بزرگترین چالش جلسات این بود که می خواستم با زیاد حرف زدن همه را خسته نکنم ولی مجبور بودم زیاد حرف بزنم ! از وقتی بچه ها به موبایل هاشان زیاد نگاه می کردند و سرعت رفت و برگشت اس ام اس ها زیاد می شد ، می فهمیدم اوضاع وخیم شده ! سریع سعی می کردم با شوخی و مزاحی دوباره جمع را برگردانم به تیرگان !

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Dear Tirgan 


Here I am, finally, writing my very first blog.  After almost eight years of reading blogs and promising to myself that one day I would eventually write my own blogs (read it memoire), the moment of truth is here and I owe it to you dear Tirgan.  The spell is broken.

Here I am writing about you, when you are almost at the corner, knocking at our door.  So, kudos to you my friend, you have made a blogger out of me at last.

Here I am, fashionably late!!, trying to capture all the moments that I have had with you, while we are getting ready to celebrate your third birthday in Toronto.

Wait a minute ... Are you really three?  You were born in 2006 I assume, then you must be five by now. Is that so?  You seem very mature for your age now that I am thinking about it.  It cannot be....You must be older.... Yes you are 13, just a teenager as young as my years in Canada.  Isn’t it true? No...?

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باز هم تیرگان 


سه سال پیش بود... درست سه سال پیش ... هفده ژوئیه دو هزار و هشت ! نفسها در سینه حبس بود ... همه منتظر نوزادی بودند که از فضل و کمالاتش بسیار گفته میشد و حالا نوبت به دنیا آمدنش فرا رسیده  بود ...

جشنواره تیرگان ، این نوزاد دوست داشتنی  به دنیا آمد ... در پنجشنبه شبی آرام و مرطوب کنار دریاچه انتاریو ... بی هیچ شیون و زاری ! بل که با نوای دل انگیز تار ، با بوی خوش رطوبت دریاچه و با نگاه توام با آرامش چند صد نفر که برایش چه ها که نکرده بودند !

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A Festival by Any Other Name ... 


Since the beginning, Tirgan’s goal has always been to be a true people’s event; a colorful showcase of Iran’s cultural diversity for all to enjoy.

But Tirgan’s brand has come a long way since the festival’s inception.

In 2008, when organizers were planning the inaugural festival, it was poised to be called ‘Once Upon a Time’. We designed the brand around that name, and the festival’s logo featured a playful butterfly, constructed out of the Persian words for ‘Once Upon a Time’.

When the actual festival name changed to Tirgan a few weeks before its launch, it was too late to change the typographic logo. So the butterfly became Tigran’s face.

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Tirgan Traditions 


My parents have successfully passed on to me, their obsession with Iranian celebrations and observing them down to a T. And mind you I’m totally grateful to them for that. My husband will be more than happy to testify, in any court of law where he can plead his case, as to how I painfully (for him) fuss over the absolute requirement to jump a real fire on “Chaharshanbeh Suri”, preparing for and setting the “Haft-Seen” and throwing the "sabzeh" into flowing water ceremoniously on"Sizdah Bedar"!Looking deep into myself, I strongly believe that this passion has indirectly equipped me with a strong sense of national pride and identity which has carried me through the mental hardships of immigration and other challenges Iranians face today. 

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Tirgan on Wikipedia 


Tirgan is now on Wikipedia! You can visit the page at to obtain more information about Tirgan 2011 and the history of the festival


Asghar Farhadi's Nader and Simin: A Separation,  has won the Golden Bear for Best Film at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival, and Reza Derakhshani has been listed among the top 500 world artists in Artprice's 2009/10 Contemporary Art Market Annual Report!

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$10,000 Grant from the Ontario Arts Council 

Tirgan is excited to announce that it has received a $10,000 grant from the Ontario Arts Council! As well, the Persian Cultural Foundation and Network of Iranian-American Professionals of Orange County are now Tirgan affiliates! Stay tuned for more good news!

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