Tirgan 2011 Presents: Visions of Eternity

Our theme for Tirgan 2011 is eternity, but what is eternity? Is it timelessness? Boundlessness? Or an ideal? We posed a single question to artists, writers, and poets all over the world, “What do you deem eternal?”

The response came in an amazing array of original creations in various artistic and literary forms. We cannot wait to share “Pardis”, “The Turquoise Land”, “Dream of Peace”, “Zohreh va Manoochehr”, and so much more with you.

On July 21-24, 2011, we celebrate treasures of our past and embrace our future with hope and optimism in Toronto. In line with our theme of eternity, with youth and women in centre stage, we will present a multitude of world and Canadian premiers in traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles of dance, music, theater, literature, film, and visual arts. Tirgan 2011 will offer a unique opportunity for children to enjoy arts and literature and participate in educational activities. So mark your calendars; this is an event you do not want to miss!

For a complete list of programs, please visit this site in January 2011.

We also extend an invitation to all to participate in Tirgan contests in short story and short film categories. These are great opportunities for your work being evaluated, read or screened, awarded and/or published.

What do you have to do?

First visit the links and find out the rules. Then let your imagination run wild, turn on the cameras, keep the pens moving, and do your best to make a name for yourself in Iranian art and literature. Best of Luck from Tirgan 2011!

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