Call for Submission – “Tirgan Magazine 2011 Cover Design Contest”

Call for Submission – “Tirgan Magazine 2011 Cover Design Contest”
For submission instructions in Persian please click here:


Deadline: Saturday, April 30, 2011 - 11:59pm EST

Tirgan 2011 invites graphic designers to submit their designs to the Tirgan Magazine 2011 Cover Design Contest. Designs meeting the following specifications will be considered for further detailed review by the panel of judges:    

Submission Criteria

•   All entered work must have been produced between Mar 15 and April 30, 2011.


•   All entry forms are completed and submitted online. There will be a registration form available on the Tirgan website for registration submission.


•   Submit only actual hard-copy versions of work. The final hard-copy of your artwork should be submitted as a photo or laser color printout. If you choose to also submit a digital version of your artwork please do so by submitting it online to the email address below.


•   Digital photographs are only accepted for submissions in which hard-copy originals cannot be provided. Photographs should be saved as RGB (not CMYK) JPG format 8.5" x 11" at 300 DPI.


•   All mailed-in pieces should be accompanied with a printout of the corresponding entry form.


•   Entries and submissions cannot be returned once entered.


•   All entries must include a brief description (maximum 250words) in English or Persian.


•   By submitting entries, if your entry wins the contest, you permit the Tirgan Festival to publish your entered work in print and online for related promotional purposes.


•   All artwork will be judged by a panel of judges


Theme of 2011 Tirgan Festival: Visions of Eternity

Celebrating Past Heritage, Creating Future Heritage

Tirgan is about the legend of Arash, an ancient Iranian archer who lost his life by shooting an arrow that brought hope, peace, and prosperity to all. For thousands of years, Iranian children have listened to story of Arash and later passed it on to their own children. Arash is a legend, and as such, it is timeless. We do not know when it started, but for as long as Iranians remember, it has symbolized our collective hopes, aspirations, and dreams. It has inspired many artistic and literary creations in the past and present. It symbolizes an everlasting, eternal component of our being.


Mail or drop off entries in person to:


Mailing address:
56 Forest Park Crescent 

Thornhill, Ontario




All online entry forms must be completed and received by
Saturday, Apr 30, 2011, 11:59pm EST.



The amount of $300 will be granted to the winner of this competition. As well the winner's work will be published as the Tirgan magazine's cover and may be used online for other promotional purposes. The magazine will be printed in 10,000 copies and distributed amongst the visitors during the festival.

A selection from our Iranian/Canadian top artists and professionals will form the judging panel.


Details: Judging Criteria


•   Originality:Do the methods, designs and strategies employed make this project unique and relevant to the theme of the festival?

•   Creativity:Does this piece incorporate artistic and innovative methods and solutions?

•   Craftsmanship:Is this piece beautifully crafted and executed? Does it adhere to the standard principles of design in such areas as layout, colour selection, print reproduction, photographic techniques and typography?

•   Effectiveness:Does this piece successfully communicate its intended message?

•   Overall Experience:Is this project a valuable and strategic piece of visual communication?

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