Film Screening - Death of the King

Film Screening - Death of the King
Bahram Beyzai , (Iran)

Bahram Beizaii, Iran, 1982, 120 min, in Farsi with English subtitles

With: Sousan Taslimi, Mehdi Hashemi

The year is 644 A.D. The Iranian Empire has collapsed at the hands of the Muslim Arabs. Yazdgerd, the last emperor of Iran had fled the country and has been killed by the owner of a mill where he had taken refuge for the night. In the tense moments before the victorious army arrives, fleeing Iranian Army generals are trying to investigate the death of the King. The miller, his wife, and their ailing daughter give their account of the incident. Their stories become more than a murder trial, extending to views of an empire that has already collapsed from within.

Bahram Beizaii, best known for his unparalleled critical views of the history and mythology of Iran, made this epic story based on a stage play written by himself. Although the film was screened at the Fajr Film Festival in 1982, it was banned from public screening under the Islamic regime.


Short Synopsis

The last emperor of Iran has been killed by a miller when fleeing the country. In the short window of time prior to the victorious Arab army arriving, the last commanders of the Iranian army investigate the death of the King. The miller, his wife, and their ailing daughter each give a different account of the incident. Each story becomes a critical look into an empire that has already collapsed from within.


Sat, 07/23/2011 - 21:30
2 Hours
Studio Theatre , Harbourfront Center

With over one hundred plays, film scripts, and articles on literature and dramatic arts, Beyzai is one of the most productive Iranian artists. He wrote his most famous narratives, Aarash and Azhdahak in his early teens. His vast knowledge of Naqqali and Ta’zieh allowed him to revive these two major forms of traditional Iranian narrative arts and use them as the foundation for many of his later works.
His writings are distinguished by his unique mythical, symbolic, and poetic style. His early works, such as The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad (1964), The Serpent King (1966), and The Court of Balkh (1968) are also known for employing a large number of actors on stage.
He made his first short film Uncle Moustache in 1970. His first feature film Downpour (1971) is considered by many critics to be the best film in the history of Iranian cinema. Before the 1979 Revolution he made three more films: “The Stranger and the Fog” (1973), “Crow” (1976), and “Ballad of Tara” (1979). His films after the revolution include “Death of the King” (1982), “Bashu, the Little Stranger” (1985), “Some Other Time Maybe” (1987), “The Travellers” (1992), “Dialogue with the Wind” (1998), “Killing the Rabid” (2001), and “When All Are Sleeping” (2009) some of which have never been released. Tirgan will feature a screening of “Death of the King” (in Persian with English subtitle).


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Sat, 07/23/2011 - 21:30
Studio Theatre , Harbourfront Center
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